May, the month we remember to honor those who have fallen in defense of our country.

Bob Hope, legendary entertainer who lent his talent to entertaining our troops, was a man to inspire. And that, he did.

The other day Glenn Beck, talked about fear for US future economy. He was right, I think, when he said we shouldn’t be afraid. We would do better to be prepared.

“In the world you will have tribulation. Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.”

I thought this morning, in those early hours when night’s darkness lingers, about the proposed direction of US, the Change we were promised by the man who is our president. I thought about the opponent of that Change so ominous, AmericaFirst. While the promised Change scares me, AmericaFirst misses the ground that Glenn talked about.

Bob Hope last brought his troupe to Waikiki Shell (Honolulu) to commemorate V-J Day in 1995. Although Mr. Hope was weak, Hope’s strength radiated promise. Men and women related memories of that war before my birth. My memory of their voices have put thought to my current observations. They talked of planes and bombs, of fear and loved ones, of bodies and lives dismembered. Some, quite aged, shared their personal experiences while delegates relayed the words penned of soldiers laid to rest. They spoke eloquently and openly of love of their Country and their love of God.

Of the many who spoke their memories of that war, on that secular stage under Hawaii’s glorious blue sky, there was not one who omitted God.They prayed to God, some not even believing He is.

I was surprised by the freely spoken quantity of acknowledgement of God. Some said it was faith in God that let them cast out fear. Some said it was God’s strength that gave them focus. Some said it was their honor of God that taught them to honor US, our country. Some said a little of each, all included God.

Many men and women spoke that day of that war long ago, on Bob Hope’s stage in Waikiki. They remembered the days, the hours and minutes, fighting in that war. They recalled thoughts while flying high in the air, or lower to the ground, and seeing enemy planes attacking US. The didn’t talk about having courage. Rather, they talked about being grounded in God.

So, where am I grounded?
God first. Like for those who fought, lived and died, God is where the ground is.

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One Response to “Grounded”

  1. on 18 Mar 2012 at 11:07 pm admin

    Hi PenPen.
    Sorry, I was not in the Navy, nor any other military service.
    I am a life-long Military dependent. I grew up as an Army brat, then married into the Coast Guard.
    … but if you know anyone who travelled on the transport ship USS O’Darby, I’d like to connect…


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