Land of Free Home of Brave?

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave?

Back when God blessed America we were the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Today, God isn’t wanted any more. America has become the land of the dependent and the home of the paranoid.

Americans have become dependent and that’s quite contrary to independence.
Americans have become paranoid, with only the characters “a” and “r” common to brave.

today’s news:
Healthcare will be provided to all who can’t afford it. Even if you need to press one for English, that = dependence.
NY mayor/Congress concern that not all cargo at each port is checked. = paranoia.
Yesterday’s news brought other ill-wills of dependence and paranoia but it was today’s news that culminated in my thoughts an eulogy to the Great Nation of US.

Now, Today, God isn’t wanted to bless anything. It is preferred He absent Himself from our daily lives as He is denied entrance into the institutions built on values that built the America He was called upon to guide. He is not wanted in a nation of people free to choose, and this Nation America has forfeited her independence for different gods.

BigBrother, Liberalism, BenjaminSpock, PrejudiceRights … whatever you want to call it, America is now dependent on it, and paranoid because of it.

Once, America opened her arms of opportunity to embrace the tired, the poor, the humbled masses yearning to be free. Today she opens her arms to those who have no yearn other than to have someone else do it for them. Education, HealthCare, Retirement, FoodChoices, Safety: America’s BigBrothers will decide for you! America has yielded her freedom to dependency, quite a miserable exchange.

Once, America had sons and daughters with backbone to do what was necessary to gain, and maintain, the independence that was America’s declaration. It was a human dignity thing. Today, Americans are terrified that someone may die, that another may hide a bomb in some ship’s cargo or smuggle nuclear horrors into America’s MoneyDistrict. America quivers with fear, imagining what harm could easily be wrought without all resources focused on what could go bad.

Congress wrings its hands in the reality of a psychologist’s joy of paranoia. Where will the bombs be placed? Quick, we must spend all our efforts thinking where we are vunerable, where a terrorist may strike! The ports aren’t secure! It’s easy to poison the water supply! No terrorists way over there, they’re coming through the borders, they’re infiltrating our Purell!

Once, American was secure in the fervor of her sons and daughters who fought to gain, and maintained, her independence. Today, America’s sons and daughters, the ones who have gumption, fight BigBrother , BigMoney and BigGovernment as much as a nuclear armed enemy.

Dependency erodes America’s freedom to choose one thing over another.
Paranoia steals the the gumption to attack an enemy at its core.
BigBrother, with dependency and paranoia:
Isn’t it time to let God bless America again?

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